Step by Step’s Legacy in Motion Project

Creating a space for mothers and their children to grow and flourish has always been a priority for the Step By Step CEO, Krista Linden. The foundation has begun undertaking a large project that will be expanding community reach and influence. The Legacy in Motion Project, stemmed from the idea that Step By Step could be doing more for the women they serve. Linden said her vision when beginning the project was about the women.

”What really would impact their lives and their children’s lives,” Linden said. “I knew that we needed to be able to create a place where we can spend more time addressing the barriers that they have.”

Step By Step has actively spent the last 21 years serving, providing counselling, a support system and access to education for women and their children. The Legacy in Motion Project will be taking place at the new site purchased by Step By Step. The Van Lierop Bulb farm is currently being repurposed to be the headquarters for the Germaine Korum Center for Women and Children.  

Linden grew up on a farm, so when the opportunity arose to secure the Van Lierop property in 2014, she knew the values present in the farm life atmosphere would be the perfect fit for Step By Step. The 18 acres of land surrounding the new headquarters were purchased for the city of Puyallup, and the intention is to build multiple sporting fields as well as a community park and trail. These features will be a key aspect in the many business ventures Step By Step will be taking on. Besides sales of concessions, the site will also be home to a full farm-to-table restaurant that will seat approximately 130 patrons. This will be the site for portions of training the women who work for Step By Step will receive.

The onsite restaurant, as well as a full venue for weddings and other events, is accessible on the location, but nothing mentioned thus far is the main focus of the Legacy project. These will be used to create job opportunities for clients of Step By Step.

The heart of the project is for long term one-on-one work with women in the community who are in need. Services offered through this program are self-sustainment training, resume building, counseling, further educational opportunities and access to resources. Clients must be accepted into the program, and must be committed to the level and effort of work that Linden stated will be necessary. Linden mentioned many of the women sharing concerns of whether or not they can achieve what they set out to. Thoughts of making the correct choices and having the necessary motivation purportedly has many of them questioning their place in such a team. In an attempt to alleviate those concerns, Linden stressed that they will be choosing to bring in women who will be committed to the longevity of the program.

While the goal is to help as many women as possible, Linden made it clear that it is a privilege to be accepted into the program. The new project spans across many platforms and the main goal is to create a strong foundation of skills for clients, and provide opportunities that women may not have in other circumstances. Those behind the Legacy In Motion Project are currently seeking more funding in order to start construction, and will be continuing on with their plans to help the community until the funding becomes available.

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Step by Step’s Legacy in Motion Project

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