Leading a Life of Wellness

Leading a healthy lifestyle may be easier for students than they believe

Leading and maintaining a healthy lifestyle while in college can be a struggle for incoming students. 
Between the new environment, difficult classes and maintaining a social life, health and fitness may become less of a priority. College can leave little time to have fitness on the forefront of a person’s schedule. 
It is during the hectic times of college that a person’s wellness proves to be even more important. Wellness includes not only fitness, but emotional and mental health. Both can be neglected or forgotten. 
Wellness can be easily misunderstood: it is often considered a solitary action that cannot be an enjoyable activity. Working on personal wellness is not a harrowing road with the finish line in the distance. Achieving wellness is actively striving to better the mind and body.
At the end of the day, the last thing on college students’ minds may be going to the gym or taking time for themselves. 
This can result in a Netflix binge or a few hours spent on the phone – neither of these activities engage any aspect of wellness. The possibilities to nourish the mind and body are available as long as people are willing to look for them. 
Many cite the time it takes to go to the gym as a reason to skip out, but that excuse holds no merit when the HEP gym is right on the Pierce College Puyallup campus. For $15 plus tax a quarter, students have access to a full gym that is only a short walk from their last class. Students who are interested in working on personal wellness during their school hours can enroll in PE classes, which earn credits towards their degree as well as engaging in physical activity and spending time with their peers. 
Some may not be interested in the typical gym setting and are looking for a more unconventional way to get cardio in. Less than a 10 minute drive from campus, Bradley Lake Park and Wildwood Park are  home to many running trails, athletic fields and hiking opportunities. 
Besides fitness routines, wellness can be achieved through maintaining a consistent sleep schedule, making healthy meal choices when wandering through the cafeteria and by checking in on your friends weekly. While college is important, remaining healthy is far more valuable.

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Leading a Life of Wellness

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