Student Landon McMeekin plays weekly piano gigs

When Landon McMeekin is not studying hard at Pierce College he is entertaining the masses by playing piano.

Jared Leingang, Online Reporter

Clean-cut, slicked hair and glasses with a tucked in polo shirt and blue jeans. What would be a description of fictional character Clark Kent is actually Pierce College student Landon McMeekin.

Currently at the Puyallup campus to get his associate degree with the ending goal to be a mechanical engineer, McMeekin holds a gig playing piano every Sunday. He plays at Eatonville Methodist church 9:45 to 11:30 a.m. and then heads over to Arrow Lumber and Hardware store to entertain noon to 2 p.m.

McMeekin has been performing at Eatonville Methodist for three years and leaving lasting impressions with his piano at the hardware store for six years.

When he was 5-years-old, he got his first piano as a gift from his uncle. He was first taught how to play by his mother.

“My mother taught herself how to play the piano so she could teach me,” McMeekin said.  “She worked at that as long as she could. She then eventually found teachers for me but she was a trooper. I owe her for that.”

McMeekin learned through practicing and playing the classical pieces. He mentioned it’s not fun but that’s where the learning occurs  

He mostly plays old blues and rock, and his go to song to play is “The Letter” by Joe Cocker. He attempted to compose his own song before but he said it just isn’t his forte.

“I tried once and it did not work well,” McMeekin said. “I do not have a gift for writing. I suppose you could force me but I just don’t have the time or the patience to learn.”

McMeekin considered trying to make a career out of playing piano when he was 13 years old but he said it’s more work than he’s interested in and would rather play because he enjoys it not because he’s forced to play it.

He has entertained offers to join the Pierce orchestra, but has turned down the offer every time due to time constraints.

McMeekin takes pride in his ability to play the piano and the demeanor he carries himself in.

His role models are his parents and they helped shape his behavior and mannerisms.

“They do so much for my sister and I, like my mom learning piano to teach me. What was she getting out of that?” McMeekin said. “My old man has a lot of stuff I wish I had. He can do just about anything. He will start out not knowing anything about something, but is an expert in weeks. I get mad at him sometimes but I can never prove him wrong.”

One time they needed a new tile floor put in and his mother wanted to hire a professional. However, his father insisted on doing it himself. He did the job and it looked like a professional had completed the task, McMeekin said.

McMeekin has also been compared to the likes of heroes Superman and Captain America because of how he dresses and his demeanor. He said multiple people comment on how he looks like Clark Kent, the disguise of Superman. He can be seen holding the door for people or other little tasks to help people out.

He’s been raised on the principle of treating others with respect and dignity. Helping people is just something that comes natural and something everyone should do he said. He’s done community service acts in the past like resurfacing a gravel road, and picking up trash. One of the principles he talks about is helping out whenever possible.

So when McMeekin is on campus don’t be surprised if he disappears into a telephone booth or has a shield in his backpack. He just does what he feels is right.

“I get that I look like a good person from a lot of people, and I appreciate it,” McMeekin said.

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Jared Leingang

Student Landon McMeekin plays weekly piano gigs

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