Lancer no longer? Pierce considers new vendors

Pierce College is reviewing Lancer Catering’s contract and considering other options.

Hannah Pederson, Senior Online Reporter

Lancer Catering is a nationwide company that’s held a contract with Pierce College since 2011, and that contract is now under review.

Curtis Lee, procurement officer in charge of purchasing, has been working to find a suitable vendor for the college since the beginning of this year.

“The weird part about this for us is that the end date (of the review process) is no later than Aug. 31 in order to give the new vendor time to set up, which means it has to be the end of the school year,” Lee said.  

The process is technically a Request For Proposal, which is a long and complicated series of procedures, according to Lee.

The evaluation period of the RFP ended up extending over spring break, which meant the whole operation was set back and a new contract with Lancer or a competing catering company wouldn’t be signed by Aug. 31.

“The previous contract with Lancer ended Aug. 31 so we’re on a temporary extension until something is signed,” Lee said. “It’s not like we can’t have a vendor for a month and a half.”

According to Lee the current contract with Lancer is for five years with two one year re-ups if needed.  

“Hopefully a new contract will be signed by the end of October, and things will be up and running by around mid November,” Lee said.

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Hannah Pederson

Lancer no longer? Pierce considers new vendors

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