Lancer contract ending, future food service considered by committee

Lancer’s five-year contract is set to expire in September. A new bidding process will begin.

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The current contract between Pierce College and its food service provider began in 2011 and will terminate in September 2016, Procurement Officer Curtis Lee said.

College officials will open a competitive bidding process to find a new provider or continue with the current provider, Lancer Hospitality, Lee said.  

A committee of students and college employees will review and evaluate bids from companies. Student leaders at the Office of Student Life at both the Puyallup and Fort Steilacoom campuses have been invited to participate. There have also been requests for a faculty union chair individual to serve on the committee.

Other committee members in the District will be from different departments who use the catering services often, Lee said.

The bidding process is required before designating a food service provider.

The first step for this process is for the potential food catering services for Pierce to submit a proposal including a plan regarding how they can meet the mandatory requirements in order to cater for the college. These are the preliminary requirements that are part of the Request for Proposal, Lee said.

Next in the process, the vendors respond to this in writing and it’s reviewed by the committee. After this, the vendors will each give a presentation to the committee. The committee members will then assess the food from each vendor. Once the committee decides on a vendor, this vendor will be contacted and a contract is initiated.

The completed contract includes the Request for Proposal, the vendor’s response to this and a new contract. The final step is for the signing of the contract, which is awarded to the most qualified vendor, Lee said.

Even though this process will begin doesn’t mean that Lancer will be replaced and a new catering service will serve food and cater for Pierce.

Input from students is important as in the past, there’s been difficulty in participation for this committee, Lee said.

The details discussed within the process will remain confidential until the contract is finalized.

The deadline for the committee formation is March 11. The first meeting is March 14, where Lee will discuss the rights and responsibilities for this process. For those interested, they can contact Lee at or at 253-964-6595. [/responsivevoice]

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Lancer contract ending, future food service considered by committee

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