Lack of parking poses problems for students

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Most students at Pierce College Puyallup drive to school, but it isn’t a fun task. Pulling onto College Way off of 39th Ave can be awful right before 10 a.m., Monday through Thursday. If the light turns red when coming from the east, students are forced to wait as cars pull in from the turn lane on the west side, going one by one as everyone else leans back against their seats in agony.

It’s not uncommon to drive through the campus parking lots searching for a spots near the buildings, only to find that there isn’t any. Those 15 cars didn’t just get better parking spots, they may have gotten the only parking spots.

Students wanting to find parking at peak hours have to resort to driving to the farthest corner of Parking Lot B, a desolate area surrounded by trees and thick bushes that make one feel uneasy.

On a rainy day, that’s a treacherous walk all the way to the College Center.

Some students even arrive to find that there are no more parking spaces available, aside from visitor parking in the E lot. These students end up parking along the curbs in the B lot, making it difficult for others to drive around them for the rest of the evening.

There’s insufficient parking on campus. The Puyallup campus is a commuter campus, meaning students have to commute to and from school because there are no dorms. The campus is served by Pierce Transit buses, but that only works if students live along the bus routes, and most students don’t. Because the majority of students have to drive to and from campus every day, finding ways to expand parking should be a priority of this institution.

With the amount of money that flows in and out of the college, there should be a way to secure funding for a parking lot expansion project.

Sure, more buses and carpool incentives would reduce carbon emissions of commuters and in theory reduce the number of vehicles coming to campus each morning, but this approach isn’t logical for a place like Puyallup. It’s safe to assume that residents will stick with their cars, and the college needs to cater to this demand. [/responsivevoice]

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Lack of parking poses problems for students

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