Katharine affronted bottomward weight abundant workout Foster accolade

Katharine McPhee Foster aloof wants to bedrock a bikini in peace.

The Smash star, 37, is afraid up for bedmate David Foster afterwards his accolade to Katharine was misinterpreted. Earlier this week, he aggregate a photo of the new mom in a atramentous bikini, writing, “what baby!”

Fans acutely dedicated Katharine, who gave bearing to son Rennie about 10 months ago, with one user calling his explanation an “uncomfortable aged compliment.” Spider-Man: No Way Home Addition said it was a “cringe aces post.”

But Katharine isn’t affronted by David’s words. She aggregate addition swimsuit photo on Dec. 29, writing, “ok the columnist about my husbands photo he acquaint of me is so dumb… I’m apologetic but we are not sorry.”

She explained, “And for all of you who can’t accord with it maybe this helps. I’ve struggled with weight my accomplished 20s and 30. I’ve gone up and bottomward 10 times over. Does that accomplish you feel better? There is annihilation amiss with that -most bodies do.”

Katharine went on to say that she absent her “baby weight” with “zero” dieting and “zero burden from anyone.”

“I’ve let [my] anatomy do its affair and begin a abundant workout,” the accompanist shared. “That’s it. And assumption what? I’ll apparently accretion weight afresh at some point too. Who cares? BUT bodies freaking out about what my bedmate captioned actively get a life.”


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Katharine affronted bottomward weight abundant workout Foster accolade

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