Restaurant review: Karma Indian Cuisine and Lounge

The restaurant formerly known as Sumay Fine Indian Cuisine is newly renovated and renamed Karma Indian Cuisine and Lounge.

Karma Indian Cuisine and Lounge

12623 Meridian Ave. E. in Puyallup


The restaurant formerly known as Sumay Fine Indian Cuisine is newly renovated and renamed Karma Indian Cuisine and Lounge.

The new addition to this local restaurant includes a bar, stage, a mural and more seating (even authentic floor seating). This restaurant has a DJ and karaoke entertainment seven nights a week.

When walking into this restaurant, your nose will be filled with a delicious smokey perfume of spices and roasting food. Karma cooks its Naan bread (Indian flat bread) and meat in its authentic Tandoor oven, the smell of which will make your mouth water.

There are many delicious and healthy things to try on the menu for all different types of taste buds.

If you like meat, there are delicious shish kabobs that combine meats like chicken, lamb or shrimp with delicious spices and sauces. The meats are juicy and crisp because they are cooked in the tandoor oven. However, one meat you will not find here is beef because it is not a traditional food in India. Once you taste the lamb, which happens to be healthier than beef, you will not miss it.

This restaurant is accommodating to vegetarians and even vegans. A lot of Indian food is vegetarian and many sauces in Indian food are Masala sauces. Masala means cream, don’t get it mixed up with the Italian wine Marsala though. Any dish made with cream can be made vegan by substituting coconut milk for cream.

The prices at Karma are generous and their portions are too. Most dishes on their lunch menu are less than $10 and several of their vegetarian lunch options are less than $5. You will always get two meals out of one order at Karma and after sitting overnight in their sauces and spices, Indian food transforms into amazing leftovers. It’s a really great value.

Indian food, to me, is truly comfort food. Karma uses many spices with health benefits, which will warm you up, open your sinuses, and make you feel better.

You will also feel better knowing that one day per month, Karma donates 50 percent of its profits to a local school or organization. At their other locations in Washington, like their restaurants by the military bases, they donate to military families. Karma Indian Cuisine truly has good karma.

Try the Chai tea at Karma, which unlike Starbucks’ sickening sweet Chai tea, this is the real deal and you will love it. Other than that, just order anything off of the menu and I guarantee that you will love it, meat or no meat.

An extra tip: earn bonus points by bring your favorite vegetarian to Karma. This person will feel right at home. Indian food can also be very romantic, spice up any relationship by going out to Karma Indian food.


I give it: 5 stars

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Restaurant review: Karma Indian Cuisine and Lounge

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