People of Pierce: Joseph Gorash

Grace Amsden, Editor-in-Chief

Originally on the pathway of business, first-year Pierce College student Joseph Gorash switched to mechanical engineering after realizing this made a better fit, considering his passion for drones. He said that he’s having the time of his life with this decision.

Gorash builds, flies and fixes drones. From his 3D printer, he also makes custom parts for drones. He plans to eventually open his own business selling drones at affordable prices.

“I’d say the biggest part of the immersive feel and the actual flying feel you get (when using a drone) is more of having the camera (attached to the drone),” Gorash said. “What you do is you have a set of goggles and through the goggles, you can actually watch how you’re flying. What I do is I grab my remote, grab my goggles and I just go and I fly just by the goggles. The feeling that you get – it feels like you’re actually in the drone and feels like you’re actually flying. The immersive feel is just amazing. All the time I get a possibility to actually show people and teach them about drones, I let them use the headset and they’re just blown away by it because it feels so immersive. I really got into the hobby because it really helped me bring out my creativity. I get to customize my drones how I want and I get to put a little bit of personality into them. On some drones, I use orange, some drones I use purple. It all depends on the color,” Gorash said. “When a lot of people think of drones, they think of drones as something that is kind of, like, scary, because they’ve heard a lot of bad things about drones. I kind of want to show people that they’re really something that you can have fun with.”

He’s brought some of his drones to Pierce, made friends who share a similar interest and has attended the Engineering Club on campus.

“I’m a really happy person,” Gorash said. “I don’t think you can ever see me being upset or mad. I just love always being happy; drones really help me be happy. If I’m ever stressed out about something, I just pull out my drone. And if I fly for at least a couple minutes, it just makes me feel way better. It’s just a hobby that I found that really helps me out.”

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People of Pierce: Joseph Gorash

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