Jordan Neigel plans for a profession helping others

Jordan Neigel’s drive to help others

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Jordan Neigel discovered his passion to help people when he was 12 years old and his mother told him the truth about his biological father.

That day, Neigel discovered he had never met his real father, and his father wasn’t there for him. Neigel said he felt unwanted and that something big in his life was missing.

His father wasn’t there, but he helped Neigel realize what’s important in life by his absence. This Running Start student has developed many ambitions.

“I really just want to help people,” Neigel, 17, said after explaining about his father.

He says his dream job would be as a firefighter because he would be able to help people.

“I guess it’s an emotional connection with firefighting where victims know that someone will be there to help them when they need help, compared to my dad not being there,” Neigel said.

Firefighting would require him to be physically fit, which is important to him.

Hiking is a physical activity that Neigel is interested in. He was planning a hiking trip for somewhere along the Puget Sound, and his grandma enjoys hiking, which inspired him to pursue his interest.

He says he loves the outdoors. One day he might want to fight forest fires because of his love for nature, and as long as he’s helping people.

Sports are activities that Neigel enjoys, and along with being physically fit, they have become important to him as well.

Neigel has played football since he was a child and plans to play as a senior next season for Bethel High School.

In October, Neigel had to stop playing football at his high school during the season because he sprained ankle. Now, Neigel goes to a physical therapist to help with the healing.

Throughout his sports career, he has broken his right arm twice and now that arm is noticeably shorter than the other.

He says he’s interested in almost any sport, but football is by far his favorite.

His injuries also have inspired him to help others. He says if he doesn’t become a firefighter, then he would want to become a physical therapist or someone who helps people suffering from sports injuries.

He plans to attend a four-year college after graduating from Pierce College and Bethel High School.

Right now, his first choice would be to attend Washington State University because of its rich history.

Neigel wants to do many activities in his life, and he dreams of traveling around the world. He says he wants to go to New Zealand, Europe and Asia, but he isn’t sure when it will be.

“I love the world and how beautiful it can be,” Neigel said when talking about wanting to travel.

His love extends to the world as well as the people near him. Neigel’s family and friends are most important to him. He says they share a bond and they support him when he needs them. They care about each other, and to him that’s the best feeling along with helping others.

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Jordan Neigel plans for a profession helping others

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