Student’s short story sells 50k copies

Graduate Jordan Bowers lets her creativity flow in the free short story The Story of a Ghost, which has more than 50,000 downloads

James McCraw, Office Manager/Reporter

Every once in a while, a person can find motivation in the most unusual of places. For Jordan Bowers, it was a creative writing club in high school.

“I joined a creative writing club my junior year in high school and that in a way changed my purpose of writing from doing it for fun to it being a passion,” Bowers said.

Bowers, a self-proclaimed book nerd and Disney lover, sees herself as creative. She writes, draws and does photography in her spare time.

“I think of myself as an introvert with extroverted tendencies,” Bowers said.

When she enrolled at Pierce, she had the opportunity to take professor Corrina Wycoff’s creative writing class in fall 2016. In that class, Bowers came up with her short story, The Story of a Ghost, based on a free-write topic assigned to the class.

The Story of a Ghost is about a young girl named Monica, who’s a sassy child that has been dead for 10 years. Multiple people have moved in and out of the house that Monica’s ghost has resided as Monica scares them off. Bowers said Monica scares owners because it was entertaining to her, and she believed the house was still hers, even though she’d been dead for so long.

Over time, scaring becomes more tedious to her, turning the story into a horror satire, until the newest family moves in. This family ends up making things different for Monica and eventually she goes on a journey to find the truth of how she died, which has always been her biggest desire.

“Most ghost stories come from the perspective of the person or people being haunted,” Bowers said. “I had never seen one told from the perspective of the ghost or supernatural being that is doing the haunting.”

During the creative writing class, students participated in writing workshops. One day they decided to try to write something spooky but funny. Bowers continued the story and had it workshopped.

“When I was writing and editing it, I didn’t have a specific genre in mind, I just wanted to write something that would be entertaining for children, young adults and possible older adults and had a different perspective.” Bowers said, “I got some great feedback and after working on it for several months, I self-published it on March 8.”

Bowers discovered a website called In November there’s a month-long writing event called National Novel Writing Month. It’s a personal challenge for participants to write a 50,000 word novel in one month. When she participated in NaNoWriMo, was one of the sponsors for the event and it caught her interest. At the time it wasn’t up, but winners and participants could gain early access.

Pronoun is a self-publishing website that sends the author’s work as an ebook to Amazon, Google Play, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and Apple iBooks. There isn’t any approval process and the book gets published to each of those distributors.

“Everything is done in baby steps and it’s super easy,” Bowers said.

Bowers said that writers type up their work on a word document, format it the way they need to, which they tell them how they need to. Then they upload it, fill out the information, upload their book cover, pick their genre and then they have a published work. Bowers decided to make her book available for free. She said she’s not in it for the money and it’s not her main purpose for writing. She just wants people to enjoy her writing. She plans on being a self-published author through Pronoun and if somehow she gets discovered by a traditional publishing company, that’d be a dream come true for her.

“If that were to never happen, I would still be achieving my goal of being a writer, which is to create a world that people can escape, enjoy and possibly even get help from. I want to be able to provide the help for somebody, that somebody else provided for me,” Bowers said. “Even if I don’t ever know about it, just knowing that I can put something out there that could help somebody, that does a lot for me because I know how much that could help someone.”

Bowers is currently working on a couple of passion projects. One is a short story from the point of view of her adopted dog, and what the dog goes through before finding their forever home. She encourages of the idea of adopting a shelter pet, not shopping from breeders, because of her experience getting her family dog, Lucky.

Her other project is a book about mermaids, and the war between the mer-folk and the human race. Her love for fantasy and mythology have spearheaded this particular project. She wants to turn this story idea into a full-fledged book, and possibly turn it into a series of novels. Bowers doesn’t have a specific author or titles that she admires, but loves the Harry Potter series, as well as series’ The White Rabbit Chronicles by Gena Showalter and Splintered by A.G. Howard.

“All of these have influenced me and the way I write, but honestly I have gained so much from taking Creative Writing I, II and Advanced Creative Writing with Corrina Wycoff,” Bowers said. “She, and all the other people I had those classes with, have helped me so much through workshops, and seeing their work influences and encourages me to continue writing and even write different things.”

Bowers is graduating this month and is headed straight to University of Washington Tacoma, to major in writing studies in the creative writing track to continue her momentum and motivation for education. The positive motivation that she’s gained at Pierce is her drive for writing in the future.

“Entering college I was a bit rocky on the goal and had the thought I’m sure most people have, ‘Is what I came here to do really what I want to do?’” Bowers said. “After taking several creative writing courses here at Pierce, all taught by Corrina Wycoff, I knew without a doubt that it was what I wanted to do.”

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James McCraw

Student’s short story sells 50k copies

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