Employment opportunities at Pierce

For those looking for a job, look no further than Pierce College Puyallup.

Colton Swanson, Online Reporter

At college age, students are beginning to apply for jobs to help them pay for things such as tuition, books and everything in between. The job market can be a difficult terrain to navigate in this day and age. However, Pierce College Puyallup has job opportunities for its students both on and off campus.

There are Community Boards located in every building with various job openings listed. Inside the advising office in the Gaspard Administration building is a wall of various job listings as well. These jobs range from little to no job experience needed to the applicant needing to meet special requirements to be considered for the position.

One of the positions available on campus is tutoring. To become a tutor at Pierce, a student must fill out an online application found on the school’s website at pierce.ctc.edu or contact the Academic Support Services in College Center room C170 at (253)864-3258. A tutor is required to have at least a 3.0 accumulative GPA with a 3.2 GPA in the discipline that the prospective tutor wishes to help with. The tutor also must have completed at least one quarter at Pierce and have a desire to help others achieve their academic goals while maintaining a friendly attitude.

Jobs opportunities come and go on campus based on the needs of the college. Some students may recall receiving emails over the summer about helping out the Health Education Center during the school year by working at the desk. Others may have seen the application for the Puyallup student newspaper, The Puyallup Post, during spring quarter. Student email is one of the many ways for students to find their way into a new job. 

For someone who’s looking for a job on campus in the immediate future, the college website is another great place to start. When scrolling over the “About Pierce” tab on the website home page, a drop down menu will appear. From there, the prospective employee should then select “Employment” from that drop down menu. After loading, the Employment Possibilities page will open up and there will be a few options on the left hand side.

By clicking on the “Staff Opportunities” option, a list of different job listings throughout the campus will be shown beneath the requirements and information. Jobs such as Part-Time Hourly Cashier and Basic Skills Assistant can be found here along with many other options.

A student who would like to become employed with the college can use work-study as another way to find their next job. The goal of work-study is “To provide employment opportunities for eligible students to help finance their college education.” Students must apply for financial aid and then can become eligible for a work study award in the form of employment and then register on the school website under the affordability tab. They then will have to apply for jobs on the Pierce College Job Connections system after registering. For any questions regarding work-study, people can contact Diana Baker, job connections manager, at (253)912-3641.

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Colton Swanson

Employment opportunities at Pierce

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