On-campus jobs hiring

Jobs are available on campus for students for the following school year.

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Pierce College students who regularly check their emails may have heard the news about on-campus jobs for the next school year.

For those who want to apply to be an Office of Student Life leader,  applications were due April 29; however, this doesn’t mean that someone can’t still be a leader on campus as there are still jobs that need student leaders. Job openings include tutoring positions, computer center technicians, Student Technology Assistant Team members and  Health Education Center front desk workers.

The ARC, commonly called the Tutoring Center, is currently looking to hire tutors in all subjects for the following school year. It’s required that students have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA, at least a 3.2 GPA in courses to be tutored, an instructor recommendation and resume. Applications can be picked up in C170.

According to an email from Director of Student Life Sean Cooke, the Tutoring Center wants students who are “the go-to person for help after class, someone who finds fulfillment in helping others, someone who’s striving to give themselves a competitive edge in their education and eager to add meaningful work experience to their resume.”

To apply for the Writing Center, students must meet the requirements of a 3.0 cumulative GPA and score a 3.2 GPA in subjects they’re looking to tutor in. A resume,  faculty recommendation, written expression of 150-300 words of interest in becoming a writing tutor and a sample of academic writing is required. Writing tutors should have taken a minimum of ENGL&101.

“We’re looking for writing tutors that feel as if they’re good at writing and feel that they have a good grasp on how they go about writing process,” Writing Center Program Manager Keith Kirkwood said. “We want them to have some good strategies in place for writing. Just as importantly, I’m looking for people who like working with others and helping other people.”

The Writing Center will be hiring four tutors at each campus. Tutors can expect to work no more than 15 hours a week, Kirkwood said.

“It really depends on the time of the quarter, because sometimes it picks up,” Kirkwood said. “It gets very busy in there towards the midterms and the finals. You can expect to have a little bit of downtime towards the beginning of the quarter but then it really ramps up.”

Kirkwood hopes that students with a desire to help other students apply. Several students at both campuses have already picked up applications, Kirkwood said.

“We have faculty recommendation forms and applications forms that students can come in and pick up from the Writing Center or download on our website,” Kirkwood said. “I’m looking for people to get their applications turned in within this next month, but the sooner the better because I’m hoping to get some students trained up before the end of spring quarter.”

Applications can be picked up in L207.

Students can also apply to be a student ambassador, who are leaders that provide assistance to other students on campus. Tasks can include providing information about registration and planning activities for student success. Among the requirements to apply include being enrolled in at least 10 credits for each quarter, maintaining a 2.5 or higher cumulative GPA and when applying having at least 15 college credits from Pierce College Puyallup.

Applications are available at the Student Success Center in A106 and are due May 27.

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On-campus jobs hiring

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