Job and Career Connections offers employment help to students and community

Job and Career Connections is one of four workforce programs at Pierce College that assists students, staff, alumni and community members in the pursuit of becoming employment ready.

Connections staff are still working during the pandemic to help with resume writing, finding jobs and internships, interview preparation, career assessment, class presentations and providing contacts to community resources. 

“We still offer everything, just remote. A little bit more emailing, Skype calls and phone calls, those sort of things, but we still support folks,” said Diana Baker, the job and career connections and worker retraining manager.

JCC tries to provide students and community members with the tools they’ll need to find work and prepare for the position they’re applying for. Connections staff can review job descriptions and skills employers are looking for.

“I do talk with employers directly, we host Employment and Education fairs each year where employers come on campus, we also have employer of the month when we’re open,” said Baker. 

The Employment and Education Fairs is an opportunity for students and the general public to connect with regional employers. Last year’s fair was canceled due to COVID-19, though connections staff is organizing potential online events to take place soon. 

“We are still navigating what the best option will be and waiting to see what our options are but we are also working on possible virtual events,” said Baker.

Aside from planning virtual opportunities, Pierce College provides a free online job database on the JCC home page, PC Job Connect, available for students and community members. Students can register and search for job openings, find employers for internships, have access to a local job fair calendar and manage their resumes. 

Workforce programs provided by Pierce College include JCC,  Worker Retraining, Basic Food Employment and Training and WorkFirst.

Worker Retraining assists students that are unemployed or facing layoff and dislocated workers who are pursuing a professional or technical degree. If eligible, students can receive startup funds and professional pathway or career opportunity assistance. 

Additionally, the BFET program supports students receiving or applying for federal food assistance or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Workforce staff can help students qualify for the Department of Social and Health Services childcare subsidy, reporting back to DSHS to continue their benefits, identify eligible funding sources and referrals to school and community resources.

Similar to the BFET program, workforce staff can offer the same support to students that receive  Temporary Assistance for Needy Families through DSHS and are qualified for WorkFirst. 

The Workforce homepage provides more information on each of the programs. Students can identify which programs they’re eligible for by taking the Start Next Quarter survey. Staff will then be notified of their results and connect with students. 

The Job and Career Connections office will continue to remain accessible to students and the community. To speak with a workforce staff member or request an appointment, call 253-964-6265 during morning virtual walk-ins from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. Monday through Friday.

Interviews and article by @cpaezreporting on Twitter.

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Celine Paez

Job and Career Connections offers employment help to students and community

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