It’s time to accept same-sex marriage

K.C. Clayton argues for acceptance of same-sex marriage as America is the icon for freedom.


K.C. Clayton


The pressure is on as the talk for gay rights is on the rise and more prominent figures are supporting equality.

In Washington, equality for gay couples includes rights such as hospital visitation and other legalities, however, we have yet to legalize marriage rights for gay couples. This fact is the barrier preventing equality between heterosexual and homosexual couples.

We live in America—the country of the free and land of the brave. History tends to repeat itself and we have seen again and again how important it is to accept diversity among our fellow brothers and sisters. From civil rights to the feminist movement, Americans have pushed for freedom and liberation, and fought for their rights. Gay marriage is another example of this and will be passed if people keep fighting for it. This is why we should address the problem now and ask ourselves why not?

America was founded by people who sought the right to live freely and happily. Our country is the icon for freedom. We, as Americans, should be proud of this and uphold that value.

Why are two adults in love not able to show their commitment to society through the special bond of marriage? We have the freedom to fall in love with whomever we want and that should be recognized for anybody, no matter the sexual preference. We can’t be a successfully diverse society if we keep discriminating against those who have different opinions and lifestyles.

Hopefully, Washington state voters will prove this with the passing of Referendum 74. It begins with one small step to change society and I know that others believe the same, just like the people who are coming out in support of gay marriage and equal rights. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect.

Vote yes for gay marriage because it supports the values the country was founded on.

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It’s time to accept same-sex marriage

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