Where to buy the best Italian cream soda

Armani Jackson, Managing Editor

For any Italian soda lover, this experience would’ve been a dream come true. However, not every soda is created equally. Four local coffee shops were put head-to-head in a battle to see which strawberry Italian cream soda could stand the test of a college student’s taste buds.


3 Star Rating925 S Meridian

Gravity’s soda was the second most expensive at $3.45 for 16 oz. There wasn’t anything spectacular about this version, it was just like drinking strawberry cream straight out of the carton. There wasn’t enough fizz and someone could easily drink it without having remembered what they drank. On top of that, it makes people feel sick to their stomach. The strawberry flavor was more prevalent than that of Anthem, but it still isn’t the best it could be.


BigFoot Java

3 Star Rating12305 Meridian Ave E

This is one of the cheaper drinks at $3.01. However, it was disappointing because the soda separated right away. No matter how much it was stirred, the texture was forever going to be like a powder. That doesn’t necessarily deter one from drinking it – but, it doesn’t make for the best beverage drinking experience. This drink is best represented by a strawberry-filled donut. The frosting and sprinkles are inviting and are delicious on the first bite, but the more that’s eaten, the worse someone feels. Once the filling is reached, one may feel like throwing up because they remember they religiously hate filled donuts. Time after time, this individual gives filled donuts a second chance, hoping that maybe this will be the instance something clicks and they see what they’ve been missing out on. However, this was not that time. This was tried multiple times to see if the flavors would shift, but they never did. On the bright side, the soda was nearly perfect in concept, but the ratios were a bit off. Maybe if the drink was made by a different barista in a different way, it’d be a lot better.



2 Star Rating210 W Pioneer Ave

This Italian cream soda was the most expensive of the four at $3.83 and was the actual worst. For someone who doesn’t live in Puyallup, Anthem seems to have a reputation in the community of being the go-to hang out spot for college and junior high schoolers alike. It’s supposed to have the same basic atmosphere as any Starbucks, but is home to the hipsters and indie wannabes. Anthem makes heavenly frappes, so surely it’d be nearly impossible to ruin this experience. Those very high expectations will set someone up for failure because this Italian cream soda was nothing more than glorified sugar water. There was too much strawberry syrup and not enough cream to supplement it. The club soda feels like it was poured in as an afterthought as if the barista remembered how to make one just as the drink was given to the customer. Strawberry is a traditional flavor that’s really difficult to mess up, but somehow they did.



4 Star RatingPierce College Puyallup

This cream soda was pleasantly surprizing. It was the cheapest at $2.95 and best tasting by far. At first, it seemed like it had too much club soda but once the ice melted a little, each sip is almost a perfect combination of cream, syrup and soda. Even after drinking multiple cream sodas in one sitting, it was enjoyable. It didn’t cause a stomachache like the others and wasn’t addictive. It’s good for a hot summer day or the freezing depths of winter. Either way, it’ll taste nice. Don’t be deterred by it’s unsettling shade of pink because Lancer’s version is the perfect versatile beverage for any college student.


This is not recommended for the wallet or stomach. Drinking this many cream sodas in a short period of time wasn’t as good of an idea as it sounded. It may even cause a sugar coma or intense hatred of strawberry Italian cream sodas. The best suggestion is to mix Bigfoot’s, Gravity’s and Lancer’s versions for the tastiest Italian soda experience. That power trio contained the perfect ratio of three simple ingredients. Warning: that combination may cause severe happiness.

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Armani Jackson

Where to buy the best Italian cream soda

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