“It Was Good Until It Wasn’t” album review

A review of artist Kehlani’s newest album.

As a number of people have been restricted indoors for months, it’s been a struggle to find new forms of entertainment during quarantine.

It’s become redundant to play the essentials playlist every day to keep myself amused. Thankfully, artist Kehlani’s latest album, It Was Good Until It Wasn’t adds an R&B flavor to any quarantine playlist. This album signifies a number of themes of love, lust and the emotional rollercoaster a relationship can bring at its beginning and end.

 It Was Good Until It Wasn’t consists of 15 songs, including two short skits that refer to slang used in hip-hop culture today. This is Kehlani’s second proper studio album and has already debuted at number two on the Rolling Stone Top 200 Charts. 

According to Rolling Stone, Kehlani has close to 77 million song streams thanks to her latest album, only a few weeks after its release in early May. 

“This might be my favorite project I’ve ever done,” said Kehlani in an Apple Music interview. 

This album creatively collaborates with other popular artists like Jhene Aiko in the song “Change Your Life” as both women describe what a significant other’s life will be like if they end up together; it’s easily one of my favorite songs from the album. 

Kehlani also collaborates with Masego, a Jamaican-American artist known for his incredible saxophone skills produced in “Hate the Club.” Lyrically, Kehlani describes phases and interactions that affect a relationship in good and bad ways. The musician does this in a relatable manner, even making a song referencing zodiac signs. 

A number of songs in It Was Good Until It Wasn’t speculate reference to YG, a hip-hop and rap artist who Kehlani publicly dated for a period of time. Regardless of hints to her past relationships, songs like “Toxic,” which is the first song on the album, can give engaging reference to conflicting thoughts and emotions in an unhealthy relationship. 

When deciding on a title for this project, Kehlani accidentally found the name It Was Good Until It Wasn’t with help from Drake during a conversation between the two. Kehlani along with her team traveled to Canada to finish her latest project and met up with the Canadian-native artist, in which many conversations surrounding personal life and relationships began between the two. Kehlani stated during that conversation, “It was Good Until It Wasn’t,” as then Drake asked the artist to repeat this phrase, telling her this is the name of what is now her latest album. 

Kehlani also admits to not planning for the album to drop during quarantine, despite dropping sudden singles from the album on YouTube that received great feedback from fans. Although the album is definitely worth a listen, it does contain explicit lyrics and mentions of sensual innuendos that may not be suitable for certain audiences.

Nevertheless, this album is mature, compelling and provocative for listeners of appropriate ages.

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Adelle Engmann

“It Was Good Until It Wasn’t” album review

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