Is it time for libraries to get shelved?

Joe Dennis argues against the need for libraries.



Joe Dennis


Libraries are outdated because even though they are quintessential to research and gathering data they have also become outdated. Two kinds of libraries exist in today’s world, the traditional library and the digital library. With this boom in new technology that undergoes monthly, or yearly, upgrades could be argued that it’s quicker, efficient and easier when it comes to collecting information.

Books, as far as gathering data, have begun losing some figurative ground to digital technology. Searching vast amounts of information in minutes digitally is a task that in comparison may take hours to skim various books and in the end come up empty.

Digital technology gives people access to every book ever written without having to search hours in a library for a few books that are in poor condition.

It’s not that books are obsolete but rather the on-going use of the space these books are taking up.

Libraries are nostalgic in a sense where physical copies of stories and information can be found without having to deal with such tools as Wi-Fi or computers. Society is potentially ignoring an opportunity to look at the positive side of eradicating physical libraries to create more space.

Creating more space isn’t the only reason traditional libraries are outdated. Traditional libraries could be used in a productive way adhering to what is needed in the modern world, such as job training centers. The need for librarians will always be in constant flow with the ever expanding information compiled from worldwide websites, blogs, forums and online scholarly journal.

In a modern era with almost desperate need for human to human contact along with the vast amounts of information compiling at a rapid rate, guides to aid individuals will be needed.

Renting books from libraries are slowly starting to fade as some people currently rent books from the comfort of their home on devices such as the Kindle and Samsung Galaxy Tab. These devices are efficient thanks to their portability and storage space of multiple books, and the capability to access the Internet.

The essence of what libraries stand for will never be outdated. In fact, society made require more libraries as a result of expanding information in order to gather accurate and detailed data for proper analysis and description.

There is a choice of what could be done with these outdated traditional libraries that are dragging their proverbial feet when it comes to what is needed in society rather than what is nostalgic.


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Is it time for libraries to get shelved?

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