Is it time for libraries to get shelved?

Rob McRill argues that libraries need to stay.



Robert McRill


It is true – libraries are somewhat past their prime. However, their continued existence is absolutely necessary. The public library provides both space and resources, free of charge, to anyone with a library card.

Anyone can argue that libraries are not honestly free due to the fact that taxpayers must pay for them through taxes. Yes, the taxpayers are obligated to pay certain taxes in order to keep our community libraries alive and thriving. However, the small percentage that each person has to pay more than makes up for it considering all of the opportunities that a library provides to everyone.

Disregard the material and libraries still prove largely beneficial to the community. There are a lot of students that use the library to read, study, hangout, and otherwise keep out of trouble in a safe, public environment. Most public libraries provide reading programs for adults and children as well as detailed information about the community.

Traditional bookstores are going under due to bankruptcy. Without the public libraries, people would eventually be forced to find all of their books online. Though not everyone has internet access available to them at home – something that proves quite limiting in this technologically advanced era. However, anyone with a library card will always have access to a computer and the worldwide web.

Libraries have done an excellent job keeping with the times—most provide computers with internet access, e-books, periodicals, music, and movies, as well as keeping everything expertly categorized in online databases able to search for specific items.

The public libraries allow individuals of any class or lifestyle to have an equal opportunity. Without the library, there are many folks who would be left out. Some students cannot afford to buy new books, and while some students are able to afford expensive laptops and Kindles, others cannot.

A Kindle is certainly an excellent option for some readers, but some people just prefer curling up by the fire with a snack, a blankie, and a real book. Dedicated paperback readers are known to be quite passionate about the touch, the feel and the smell of books. So much so, that a perfume has been created especially for book lovers—Paper Passion. Unlike the Kindle, Paper Passion smells exactly like a freshly printed book.

Eventually, real books and libraries will both become obsolete and society may decide to scrap the entire system. We have not yet reached that point.


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Is it time for libraries to get shelved?

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