Invisible shacks on campus

Tyler McMahan

Some students have seen the shacks that sit next to each parking lot. Some have even  walked by when someone is using one. But how does the campus feel about them?

Is there a division of smokers and nonsmokers, or does the regulation of having to go to the smoking shacks handle any problems?

“I barely notice them,” student Tessa Conley said.

The shacks are next to each parking lot and look like bus stops. There are three on campus with signs next to them stating the rules for smoking on campus.

The signs state that Pierce is a nonsmoking campus and that people that wish to smoke must do so within the designated areas.

“I’d rather have people smoking in a certain area than everywhere else,” student Sam Anderson said.

The seclusion of the shacks is seen to have the benefit of separating the people using the shacks from those who don’t wish to be near the smoke.

“I think it would be better if we had a smoking free campus because I would prefer more clean air,” student Dania Granse said.

Some opposition occurs when it comes to the health of people on campus and it’s debated on whether or not the smoking and the smoke around people can lead to health issues over time.

With the space of designated for smokers and the rules in place that people should be within the shacks to smoke rather than anywhere else on campus or standing outside the shack itself.

When nonsmokers see that the people smoking just stand around the shack, where people have to walk through the smoke on their way to class or their car shows why some students feel the rules aren’t enforced.

Based on what students have said, their opinions go either way; either they don’t notice the smoking, or they feel that having smoking shacks on campus away from the bulk of the student body isn’t enough.

Something can be said that a portion of the student body wishes that smoking to be regulated more heavily. As an example students occasionally see people smoking in a remote corner right outside the dining commons, or a secluded pathway on campus. Rather than in the designated areas that have been placed to keep the opposition’s separated.

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Invisible shacks on campus

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