Identity Thief (Universial Studios)

Joe Dennis gives Identity Thief a poor rating.



Joe Dennis


Identity Thief, directed by Seth Gordon, does not only lack focus but isn’t entertaining. The story is so off track that it bares mention because at many points in the film common sense is not only ignored, but reality decides to take a break as well.

It’s sickening when a film has a majority of unlikable characters that don’t take a minute out of their day to use logic or reason.

Logic is mainly what it missing from Identity Thief, so much so that it makes the film’s plot fall flat even before it takes off. At the beginning of the film Sandy Patterson (Jason Bateman) is supposedly called from his bank informing him that someone has tried stealing his identity to make illicit purchases. It turns out to be Diana (Melissa McCarthy) who then lives it up using Sandy Patterson’s identity. That is until the real Sandy Patterson heads down to Miami to confront Diana and bring her back to Denver to face charges of identify theft.

The side characters in this film suffer from either being uninteresting or lack common sense that they end up being unfunny. Some of the running jokes are alright and there’s the occasional laugh, but they’re so far and few between most of the movie’s run time feels like pointless filler.

On top of being annoying, the subplot where Diana is being chased down by Julian (T.I.), Skiptracer (Robert Patrick) and Marisol (Genesis Rodriguez) is laziness at its finest. This comes to a disappointing end leaving any audience member unsatisfied to say the least.

The acting in Identity Thief is the only thing that barely holds this broken film together. Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy try to do their best when it comes to this horrendous film’s screenwriting and dialogue. If audience members are looking for cheap laughs without a whole lot of payoff then Identity Thief may fill their needs.


I give Identity Thief: 1/5

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Identity Thief (Universial Studios)

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