Identity Thief (Universal Studios)

Robert McRill gives low rating on the movie Identity Thief.



Robert McRill


Let me start by saying this—I would not recommend spending $10.50 to see Identity Thief on opening night. However, I could wholeheartedly say that I would suggest the movie to the casual viewer if it were to end up on Netflix.

Identity Thief definitely has a few shining moments, though they are too far apart to elicit any real emotional attachment.

The dialogue is forgettable, the plot line is ridiculous and the humor is few and far between.

Thankfully, this is not a film that you watch for the script, the story or the comedic timing; you watch it for the cast. Its excellent cast is easily the most enjoyable aspect of Identity Thief.

Leading lady Melissa McCarthy gave an admirable performance. I came away from the viewing with a great deal of respect for her talent. She is an excellent physical comedian and I found that most of the scenes were simply more amusing thanks to her charming personality.

As always, Jason Bateman did a stellar job with this movie. Bateman has been in some pretty bad movies, but he shows that he can certainly take a shallow script and run with it. If you are a fan, he is a reason enough to see the film.

Identity Thief is not an overly compelling movie. There are no plot twists or unexpected forks in the story; there is no critical thinking required. The movie demands absolutely no effort whatsoever from the audience. You can enjoy the minor splashes of comedy and the wonderful acting leads without getting too heavily invested.


I give Identity Thief: 2/5


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Identity Thief (Universal Studios)

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