I need my card? What the HEC?

Pierce College identification cards are required to use the Health Education Center. Why is this?

Russ Davis


The Health Education Center is Pierce College Puyallup’s personal gym.

The complex holds physical education and health classes, and has a well-equipped gym with strength and cardio equipment. The center is equipped with lockers and private showers. There also is space to relax and take it easy when your work-out is done.

Plans for the center were drawn up in 2002, thanks to a campaign by student leaders. These same leaders also spearheaded fundraising efforts, which drew in $1 million for the center’s construction and furnishing.

Membership in the center is $15 per quarter, a price which includes unlimited admission during center hours and help from trained staff.

There is one part of the membership that has some Pierce students grousing: Pierce College identification cards are required to use the center. Why is this?

HEC Manager Brian Kovacevich cited three main reasons for this decision: ease, security and record-keeping.

For starters, it is easier for students and staff to check into the center using an ID card. Kovacevich explained the example of the classes that meet in the center, where multiple students line up at a time to check in. If one student does not have his or her card, and instead must give his or her SID to the front desk clerk, then it slows down the check-in process.

That also leads to security issues. If this one person recites his or her SID where others can hear it, he or she risks having the number stolen.

On the other hand, a student could come in with an SID that they stole themselves. Pierce College IDs have photos, he says, and simply reading out your number won’t produce such a photo. According to Kovacevich, this leads to a disturbing anomaly.

“How do we know you didn’t take someone else’s SID?” he asks. For that reason, photo verification is required.

Finally, there is record-keeping. When someone checks into and out of the center using their card, the front desk computers keep record of that person’s time in the center.

This is used for statistical purposes, so that the center can see what times are busiest, and who the most active members are.

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I need my card? What the HEC?

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