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Hyrule Warriors




Hyrule Warriors Review

By Kevin Boatz

Platform – Wii U

Rating – T

Publisher Koei Tecmo Games has been in the business of making Dynasty Warriors action titles for years, titles that pit the player against innumerable hordes of monsters on a playing field while tasking them with capturing bases and defeating enemy commanders.

The recent joint effort between Nintendo and Koei Tecmo has resulted in this new unusual crossover between the Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors games appropriately titled Hyrule Warriors.

Upon startup, after a short, yet well-crafted introductory cut scene, the player is immediately thrust into a massive battle on Hyrule Castle playing as the iconic hero Link. Right from the get-go you’re faced with hundreds of enemies and tasked with protecting Zelda and her bodyguard Impa.

Although the first level may feel disorienting, it actually does a good job of allowing the player to come to terms with the game’s controls and learn how to play without the need of a lengthy tutorial. The simple goal of each stage is to defeat the enemy forces by capturing bases and meeting other small qualifications that lure out the boss. Defeating this boss usually results in a victory.

Between stages you are able take a trip to the bazaar where you can craft new badges that upgrade characters, pay rupees to level up characters, create mixtures to aid your next battle or forge weapons.

The joy of Hyrule warriors comes from the customization that it offers. Setting Link aside, Hyrule Warriors also offers a plethora of other playable warriors such as Zelda, Impa, Ganondorf and more, whom each possess unique weapons and abilities.

Each character has their own life, badges and experience. Leveling up your warrior and teaching them new techniques and special moves is satisfying, especially when you get to see them use those moves to decimate huge hordes of enemies on the following levels.

Unfortunately, even with all of the characters, weapons and variables, the core combat system can still become monotonous at times. These feelings are usually fleeting because of all the large enemies and crazy combos the game provides to keep you interested.

Hyrule Warriors also contains an Adventure Mode that offers many additional hours of challenges that can be beaten to unlock new weapons, items and characters. Downloadable content is also slated to release through late 2014 and early 2015 which should keep the game fresh for some time to come.

Hyrule Warrior’s style is very different from traditional Zelda games and because of that some may be disappointed but if you have played a Dynasty Warriors game before, are a hardcore Zelda fan or think you might enjoy the frantic hack and slash action, then I would give the game a try. The simple fun and unique features makes it worth your while.

I give it: 4/5 Stars


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Hyrule Warriors game review

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