How to study smart

Tips from Marty Lobdell of Fort Steilacoom on studying.


Mackenzie Hendricks


Students frequently students study hard but still face tests with little confidence.

Marty Lobdell, psychology instructor at Fort Steilacoom, addressed this issue in a lecture focused on improving studying.

Here are some of his study skills tips:

  •  The minute a student is fading, they should take a short break. It increases efficiency.
  •  Many people undo studying by not sleeping enough. Be sure to get plenty of rest because that’s when the information consolidates.
  •  If student can’t put a concept into their own words, then they don’t know the concept. They need to keep trying until they do.
  •  Recognizing and remembering are different words. Just because students may recognize a term doesn’t mean they’ll remember what it entails. Be sure to remember, not just recognize.
  •  The best way to learn and remember information is to teach others. Try explaining a concept to another person as a study tool.
  •  Expand on notes immediately after they are taken. This will help students be able to understand their notes later on.
  •  Don’t cram all the information into the brain the night before the test. Be sure to prepare weeks in advance for an exam.
  •  For those having difficulty remembering facts, try using coined sayings, acronyms or other mnemonics such as “HOMES” used to remember the five Great Lakes: Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Eire and Superior.
  •  Have a big treat, such as a dessert, at the end of a designated study time so studying doesn’t seem like such a punishment.



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How to study smart

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