How to start a club at Pierce

How you can start your own club!


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Looking to start a club? Students can express their creative side by learning more about why Pierce College has clubs and how students can start their own.

Clubs are more than just a social gathering, but a chance to take action for something that’s enjoyed. Students can benefit by becoming more involved with their peers and sharing similar passions with other students.

Monique Grayson took on the role of clubs senator because she wanted to make a positive difference for student success and show students the benefits of school clubs.

“I believe that clubs are such an important aspect to have on our college campus because it can lead to student success, student involvement, and faculty involvement,” Grayson said. “Clubs will give students the chance to be engaged in something they enjoy, meet new people, or give them the opportunity to make an impact on other student’s lives and on campus.”

For students interested in starting a club on campus, the Office of Student Life will host an information meeting at noon on Oct. 31 the dining commons.

Her goal is to have at least 10 new clubs by the end of fall quarter.

In order to make her goal a little more possible, student life announced a “new and improved” club registration process, which was designed to be more straightforward and easier to complete.

With only a few necessary credentials, it’s not difficult to turn a creative passion into a reality.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Pick up a Club Packet in C210.

2. Find four other currently enrolled students to join the club and collect their contact information (clubs are required to have a minimum of five members, one of which is designated as the club president).

3. Complete the club registration form.

4. Identify a faculty or staff advisor, and have them review the club registration form and fill out and sign the advisor agreement form

5. Turn in the packet (packet consists of club registration form and advisor agreement form) to C210.

• If a student’s club is new, his/her’s registration will go to the next student council meeting to be approved.

• If a student’s club is returning from last year, he/she can get started as soon as the club members are verified through the Office of Student Life.

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How to start a club at Pierce

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