How to register for winter quarter

Registering for winter quarter.

Anna Palmer

Wait, what? We’ve been in school for almost two months, and we’re already talking winter quarter registration? Yes, it’s that time of year again, when you just seem to be settling into your classes and boom, the entire registration process starts again.

Maybe you’re a new student to Pierce College. Maybe you’ve been gone for several quarters, or perhaps you just could use a reminder of the process of winter registration and tips on how you will best succeed in completing this arduous task.

The first step is scheduling an appointment with your counselor.

Although the earliest you can register is Nov. 17, that is not when you should begin the process. If you haven’t already, begin now. Scheduling an appointment can be done in the Student Success Center. Stop in before or after your classes and schedule an appointment. The counselors will help you decide what classes to take, give you your Registration Access Code and your registration time.

Now that you have decided what classes you need to take with your counselor, it’s time to go online. Visit the Pierce College website and log into your My Pierce account. You will find the option under scheduling to go to the ecatalog. Here, you will find the available classes, the various times that classes are held and the item number of these classes.

Write down each of the item numbers because they’re essential in the registration process.

At your assigned registration time login to your My Pierce account and select the option of Register For, Add or Drop Classes, under the Registration and Records tab. You will then put in your RAC, and student ID number.

Next, put in the item numbers of the classes. Follow the process of submitting your item numbers and it will eventually allow you to see your full schedule and print it.

Don’t forget to press finish at the end of this process or your registration will be incomplete.

Login to your account the next day and check to see that your schedule is there. The last thing you want is for there to be some sort of error and you don’t find out until the first day of classes.

Yes, fines and fees are important. These must be paid before you register or your registration be blocked. These can be paid online or through the cashier’s office at Pierce.

Regardless of who you are or how many times you have registered, the Pierce counselors and office staff are here to help you. The sooner you begin registration, the sooner you can stop stressing and be prepared for winter quarter.

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How to register for winter quarter

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