How to reduce stress

Tips on reducing stress in your life.



Robert McRill


Excessive amounts of stress may seem debilitating for college students constantly striving to “make the grade;” however, a few ways could help alleviate the severity of the ailment.

Perhaps the easiest trick to lessen the impact of stress in the lives of students is to get more sleep each night. Seven to eight hours of sleep is recommended for most adults in order to function at peak efficiency. Lack of sleep may cause students to be on edge and easily agitated. It’s also a common cause for daily stress. However, some students will have a hard time simply getting to sleep each night due to more extreme levels of stress. Such students should seek to utilize other ways of reducing stress in order to allow falling asleep easier at night.

Another excellent way to help reduce the effects of stress is that of the medical cure-all—exercise. After a good jog, workout session or soccer game, endorphins are released throughout the body. Endorphins cause a person to experience a sort of high that leads to a positive attitude and overall optimistic state of mind. Students that exercise daily will experience better mental focus and vastly improved brain activity. Those whom exercise are also less likely to show signs of depression, memory loss or dementia in old age.

Personal time can be greatly beneficial to students struggling with stress. There is always so much going on in life that it can help to cut off the outside world completely. Whether in the classroom or the library, alone time is not always easy for college students to come by. However, having some quiet time alone may prove beneficial for clearing the mind and helping facilitate a relaxing, stress-free environment. Simply taking the mind and letting it wander can be a successful remedy for the stress-stricken mind.

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How to reduce stress

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