How to look hot when it’s cold

When the mercury falls, fashion is on the rise. Keep your cool in the hottest clothes on campus

In addition to holiday music and delicious homemade food, the winter also brings chilly weather. This initiates a compromise between staying warm while keeping in touch with fabulous fashion. It takes determination and creativity to develop a sense of style that makes you feel confident and ready to face the cold.

Students should have a few essential staples for the winter. Many of these items you may already own but haven’t previously thought to put together. Creative layers combined with classy accessories are keys to winter fashion.

Scarves are in this winter season. A simple scarf is the perfect way to stay warm, accessorize and instantly spice up a seemingly dull outfit. Scarves come in various prints, patterns, textures, styles and designs. Adding a printed scarf to a solid color dress or shirt is the cherry on top of a great outfit. It provides the perfect accessory to an otherwise cold neck.

Boots. You can never have too many. This year, the trend seems to be black, brown and gray leather boots. There are many unique styles, lengths and levels of comfort within the boot realm and they’re an excellent way to keep your legs warm while declaring a definite fashion statement. Find a pair or two of boots that work for you and wear them with skinny jeans, dresses, skirts, leggings and jeggings.

Tights are the best way to keep your legs warm while wearing dresses and skirts in the winter. If you choose to wear a patterned dress or skirt, then you can compliment your look by including a pair of fun tights or leggings that have a corresponding solid color. Wearing tights, boots and socks with a dress is a popular ensemble. Long plain gray, black or brown socks with your boots and tights are sure to keep you warm during the winter. Socks should only show a couple inches above the boots.

Jeggings are another option for staying warm and avoiding the comfort zone of jeans. Jeggings are best worn when paired with nice leather boots and an over-sized shirt or sweater. Jeggings are one step thicker than leggings and provide more comfort and mobility than jeans.

Leather jackets, pea coats and thick wool coats are all in right now. When wearing a winter coat there are two important things to consider: warmth and versatility. You want a coat that will keep you warm and cozy all months of the cold season. Be sure to choose a coat that will go with everything. You want to be able to throw it on top of an outfit and add a scarf for a cute look that will last until you get indoors. Black, gray, navy, cream or white are the best options for coats that will match everything.

The last look-hot-while-staying-warm tip is to accessorize. You can give any outfit a little flavor with big earrings, headbands, bangles, lip color, fun belts, hats and gloves. Get out of your comfort zone and try a different hairstyle. If you usually like to wear your hair down and straight, then mix it up.

Be creative and get inspiration from those around you. Try doing a unique braid, change your part, pin some of your hair up, leave some of it down but more importantly, just have fun with it.

The beauty of fashion is that it is all about expressing your creativity and there are no limits. Whatever you wear—wear it with confidence and remember that the best accessory is your smile. Have good posture, hold your head high and make it your own.


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How to look hot when it’s cold

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