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Halloween on the cheap




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Halloween is a time of year to celebrate the spooky and more taboo side of American culture. However, like any other holiday, it can quickly become expensive. This is especially true when making festive foods or decorating a house for a party.

However, there are simple ways to celebrate the holiday on a budget.

“The easiest way I save money on my Halloween party is by having it at home. My friends like the laid back atmosphere, and I can invite more people,” student Mia Lallatin said.

One of the easiest ways to save is through do-it-yourself food and decorations. There are many places to find ideas such as Pinterest, Stumbleupon or home and food magazines.

DIY ideas can range from simple foods such as popcorn balls to detailed cakes. These ideas are generally festive and can save money.

An example of two simple and inexpensive Halloween style treats would be popcorn balls and apple cranberry punch.

To buy popcorn balls online on a site, such as, can range between from $25-$50.

On the other hand, to make the balls takes popcorn seeds, butter and marshmallows. The price of these is about $9.87, but the overall cost to make one batch of 10 popcorn balls is $4.37. This is extremely cheap compared to buying the treat.

To make apple cranberry punch the cost is $6.49. This is a relatively cheap and festive alternative to be able to do with the regular arrangement of soda, juice and water.

Another cheap alternative would be to have individuals bring food.

“A fun way to save money is by making parties potlucks,” student Kathryn Draney said. “People get to bring what they like and you get more options of what to eat.”

Not only is food easy to do on a budget, but decorating is as well. There are many DIY decorations that can be made, such as wreaths or banners for a fireplace or table. However, there are other options for those not DIY inclined. By spending $10 on fake spider web, hanging ghosts and a couple pumpkins, a whole area can be decorated.

Hosting a party can be done inexpensively by simply shopping smart. Cutting coupons, waiting for sales and even buying really early or late into the season can save money for decorations and food.


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How to host on a budget

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