How to find hidden resources on campus

Pierce College has many resources to help its students. While most students know about the computer center and library, a few places often go unnoticed as well as unused.


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Pierce College has many resources to help its students. While most students know about the computer center and library, a few places often go unnoticed as well as unused.

The library is an excellent place for quiet study time, to read good books and to work on homework. The library also offers private study rooms.

Besides a quiet place to study, students can check out high-quality cameras, video cameras, tripods, videos, calculators and even Kindles according to Bridgett Johnson, a library aide.

In order to check out any of these, students need to have their Pierce student IDs handy.

Just like the library, the multimedia center in the Arts and Allied Health building has much to offer. The multimedia center especially is designed for high-tech computer use.

Camille Colgan, a student lab assistant, said the center has Macs and PCs with video and photo editing software.

“All the specific media students would ever need is available,” Colgan said.

The center has the Adobe suite, the newest Photoshop, Dreamweaver and other programs.

The multimedia center also has assistants who are knowledgeable in those programs. Multimedia specialist Chase Hobbs is willing to lend a helping hand solving problems students might encounter when using the programs.

Hobbs also will help teach students how to operate cameras. He can teach them how to upload photos or videos along with anything else students might need help with.

Hobbs mentioned that the multimedia center usually has nursing students using the computers because it’s so close to their classes and not many other students know too much about it.

“It’s really quiet in here, but we don’t have any noise rules. People can come in and talk with friends It’s not a problem,” Hobbs said.

The computer center in the College Center, just like the library and multimedia centers, has quite a bit to offer.

Students can use dozens of computers that have “a lot of the software programs that a lot of classes require” according to Patrick Tomlinson, a student lab assistant.

Some classes will require students to use certain Word programs such as Publisher or Excel. If students don’t have these programs on their home computers, then they can use them in the computer center.

Tomlinson also mentioned that the lab assistants are experienced with the programs offered and can answer questions about setting up student emails, accessing Angel and printing on campus.

If students are looking for some help with problems other than setting up their emails or printing papers, then the Academic Resource Center is the place to go.

The ARC is on the first floor of the College Center and can provide students with homework and studying.

Brook Johanson, who works in the ARC, said the ARC doesn’t offer tutoring for every subject, but in basic classes such as math, science, English and business law.

The ARC even has tutors who are specifically helpful with writing.

Even though it doesn’t have tutors for every class, the ARC supervisor can arrange for tutors in many classes. Johanson said staff members will do what they can to find someone to help.

Something that’s interesting about the ARC is that for certain classes they have SI tutors, who are attached to certain classes, meaning they go to the class and participate, and give additional help after class.

The ARC staff also will arrange one-on-one tutoring.

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How to find hidden resources on campus

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