How to become a zombie

Want to be a zombie? Here’s how.




Shelly Beraza



Step 1: The night before make-up application, place latex on the back of your hand to test for an allergic reaction. When you are ready to begin, ensure that you have a clean face.


Step 2: Use the make-up sponge to dab latex onto your face. Always cover more area then you need. Dab at least two or three layers of latex on your face.


Step 3: Dry the latex with a blow dryer between the application of each layer. Latex will still be sticky and almost clear when it is dry.


Step 4: To create a gash, take one-ply toilet paper and roll into a long worm-like shape. While the last layer of latex is wet, place the rolled-up toilet paper on face in shape of the wound you choose.

To give the illusion of blistered skin, do three layers. Use a toothpick or tweezers to gently poke holes in the latex. Go into the latex diagonally and pull away from the skin.

To create a neck rip, apply three to five layers. With a toothpick or tweezers, pull the latex in the middle and rip a hole to your liking.


Step 5: Place a final, thick layer of latex over the gash only. This cements the toilet paper in place. Let it dry or use a blow dryer.


Step 6: Dab liquid foundation all over face and latex with a make-up sponge. Next, apply powder foundation in the same manner.


Step 7: Use the light red cream makeup and fill in the wound, neck rip and holes of blistered skin. It doesn’t have to be perfect; messy makeup will give a more realistic illusion.


Step 8: Use the dark red cream makeup to create color variation in various wounds. Make sure to cover the toilet paper.


Step 9: Use the black cream makeup around the edges to give it realistic depth.


Step 10: Use the green or yellow cream makeup to create bruising around the wounds. Then apply the dark brown for blood splatter.


Step 11: Now, apply as much fake blood as you like. The more, the better!


Step 12: Show off your finished zombie makeup to your friends and family.


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How to become a zombie

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