How students choose their major

Justin Ginther

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Once a student reaches college, there’s a greater focus on what they want to major in. 

Every student has different reasons for pursuing the majors they do. Some students just have the skills for certain things and want to pursue that.

“I’m planning to major in computer engineering,” said Erik Hurkgen, a student at Pierce, “I knew I wanted to do one field of engineering and it seemed like the right choice for me because I’m into technology.”

Some students may pursue their major because they feel boxed in and might not have another choice. 

“I’m actually working on prerequisites for a Bachelor in Business, the only other options for me were medical, or like physical therapy and stuff like that,” said Cristina Zastavnetchi, a student at Pierce, “the only other choice was either accounting or business. I set myself up to take econ, I took all the econ classes, ‘Intro to Business’ and math classes.”

There is a trend in students whose major has to do with a health profession. This isn’t too surprising as Pierce College’s nursing program was ranked one of the top programs within the state, and according to the National Center for Education Statistics, health professional bachelor degrees were the second most conferred degrees. Each student has different reasons why the nursing program interested them and why they came to Pierce College specifically. The most common answer for student interest has to do with a passion for helping others.

“I’ve always been a caring and nurturing person, and I’ve always wanted to help in the sense of watch someone get through a process and help them in the way I can physically,” said Oona York, a running start student at Pierce. 

Some students say they chose to attend Pierce College due to how close the campus was to them, the affordability of Pierce and the programs available on campus. 

However, these reasons carry over into other majors as well, such as a Veterinarian Technician. Students like Aidan Niquette-Creleg and Kristie Nyguen are both a part of the Veterinary Technology program in hopes to help animals.

“Growing up I always had a lot of dogs, and with that grew my sort of love for animals, and my family has always had a lot of animals in general, so they’ve always been a significant part of my life,” said Aidan Niquette-Creleg.

Another question that is brought up is whether or not certain majors will affect college admissions. It depends on which school a student plans to transfer to. Some universities promise a direct transfer such as the University of Washington-Tacoma and Saint Martin’s University’s Bachelor of Science degree program (BSN) to students who receive an Associate in Nursing from Pierce. However, if the university is specifically tailored around the arts or the sciences, then a student’s major could have a direct impact. 

Whether a student hopes to major in nursing, computer engineering or business, it’s best to research each university and speak with an advisor to help plan out a roadmap. 


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Justin Ginther

How students choose their major

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