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Whoever said that growing up is not easy was perhaps considering leaving home and needing to procure health insurance. According to the Census Bureau, about 16 percent of Americans do not have any form of medical insurance. Health insurance does not come cheap and, for a college student struggling to make ends meet, it may not always seem like a necessity.

Whether or not an individual has medical insurance, eventually everyone gets sick and everyone hurts themselves accidentally. Without a solid medical insurance plan students could be looking at spending hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars for a single doctor’s visit.

Over time, monthly insurance payments are usually cheaper than not having the coverage when it is needed. There are several affordable ways for college students to obtain health insurance.

Instead of buying individual health insurance, a student covered through their parents’ plan may remain on their parents’ policy as a dependant until they get married or they turn 26. The downside to this, however, is that parents are often charged higher rates for dependant coverage. This is generally the best option for younger students, though it may not be an option for everyone.

For those looking to transfer to a four-year university, there are ways to obtain medical insurance by going through your college. A majority of four-year colleges offer varying levels of health insurance to students. Some colleges even enroll students automatically. Students should be sure that they fully understand the cost, coverage and range of the in-campus health insurance plan, as it can vary widely depending on the university.

Students graduating from college and heading into the workplace are likely looking for the type of employment that will come with benefits. These positions will come with insurance possibilities that should be considered, if available. Employers can help an employee get a firm grasp of every option.

Many college students might be able to relate to the stereotypical image of the broke college student looking for work. Those who just can’t afford to pay for insurance should consider Medicaid.

Medicaid is like government funded student financial aid, only for health. This program will pay for the medical care of those who cannot afford it. Much like financial aid, Medicaid requires that a person meet certain qualifications in order to receive assistance; additional information regarding Medicaid and individual eligibility can be found online at

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How students can find insurance

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