How much money do students spend in a day?

How much does the average student spend in a day?

Meagan Lucero


College students are spending more money in a day than most people.

Students have several opportunities to spend money at every turn. Pierce College offers food from services such as Lancer in the dining commons, the vending machines and the bookstore, which not only sells textbooks but snacks.

Several students often go to the bookstore to purchase snacks during classes taught by Linda Saarela, an instructor for business and social science.

Saarela teaches two-hour classes and gives students a 10-minute break in the middle.

“Her classes are in the middle of the day, so I’m always starving (so) I just go to the bookstore and grab a quick snack,” Linda Carrington said.

For students who have longer breaks, Lancer is the better way to go. Lancer sells combo meals and Lancer employees said the fries are a popular choice because of their price.

“Pierce has the best fries,” Jeremiah Bubbly said.

They may start off cheap, but over time, money can add up fast.

According to Forbes magazine, food is one of the top ten things college students waste money on. Forbes offers advice to help students save money. By being involved, students can find events that serve meals or offer free food and snacks.

“For the average student, going to an organization meeting once a week could save as much as $40 a month in food,” Forbes magazine said.

Students who are out and about during their days in school are more likely to spend money than someone who isn’t a student.

Students pay for food, socializing, school supplies, tuition and textbooks on a regular basis. Some students who are on campus for more than a few hours take a different route and pack their own meals.

“I pack my own food to eat because I know I’m going to be here all day; I only buy water,” Amanda Parker said.

The cost of school food and snacks can add up quickly when you’re a student.

A cheaper way to go is to bring foods from home and avoid buying anything from school, which are more expensive than products from a grocery store.

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How much money do students spend in a day?

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