How are registration times decided?

How is your registration time decided?



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Students have different ideas as to how registration times at the college are decided.

Pierce College student Taylor Peterson said they’re based on when students enroll into Pierce College, while student Randy Sacknana said that it’s determined by seniority. Though both are on the same page, Els Deming, the director of enrollment services at Pierce College, brings some clarity on the subject.

Registration times are specifically decided by the total number of credits earned at Pierce College for currently enrolled students. Returning students who have informed Pierce that they’re veterans of Pierce College get priority registration times during their assigned registration periods.

More information can be found from the Pierce College Catalog for the 2013-2014 academic year; however, something may change when it comes to late registration. There’s a point when the main registration dates have already been completed and classes have begun to fill up.

According to the Pierce College Catalog, “students may register for a class without the instructor’s signature through the first three days of the instructional quarter.” Specific registration and late registration dates for the Puyallup and Fort Steilacoom campuses can be found online under eSchedule for each quarter.

“Students can look up their registration times by logging on to their MyPierce student portal and clicking on ‘registration & records’ and selecting ‘your registration time’ tab,” Deming said.

What are some helpful tips to help with registration times when the time comes around?

n Get in contact with appointed advisers to find out what classes are still needed to complete. Also, get a registration access code or permanent registration access code.

n Look up classes that fit that criteria that’s needed.

n Write them down, including the item number.

n Have at least two or three backup plans in case the classes that were originally wanted are out of reach.

These tips will make the registration process easier to accomplish. More information from the Pierce College Catalog for the 2013-2014 academic year is available at

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How are registration times decided?

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