“Hitman 3” video game review

The mission begins by skydiving from an undercover plane onto the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building towering 2700 feet high, where the agent secretly infiltrates the building. The agent changes into a fine-cut suit and walks into the atrium with extravagant gold architecture and breathtaking views above the clouds. There is one objective. Eliminate the target.

Hitman 3, the final game of the “World of Assasination” trilogy, is a stealth game where the players takes place as Agent 47, one of the world’s top assassins who works for the International Contract Agency. Agent 47, along with Diana Burnswood, another ICA assassin, work together to fulfill an old pact to destroy Providence, a powerful secret organization. The leader of Providence, known as The Constant, doesn’t make their task easy.

From the vibrant neon signs of Chongqing to the lavender fields and mountains of Mendoza, the game’s graphics are nearly lifelike. Every map has been meticulously detailed giving the player the sense that they’re actually there.

Gameplay on the PlayStation 5 is very smooth and responsive. There were no instances of dropped frames, even in the more graphically demanding parts of the levels. Playing on newer generation consoles, like the PS5, Xbox Series X, or Xbox Series S offers the best gameplay experience since the resolution and frame rates are much better compared to older generation consoles.  

Sneaking past security guards and those who don’t buy Agent 47’s disguise requires the player to get creative and use their resources and surroundings. Non-lethal throwable weapons, like bricks and soda cans, were the most helpful in these situations as you could discreetly knock out several opponents in a short period of time. However, hiding the unconscious bodies is a must, or else players risk compromising the mission if they’re discovered.

The easiest gameplay offered is casual difficulty where the player has unlimited saves, mission story guides are offered and there are no security cameras. Professional difficulty is similar to causal outside of the addition of security cameras. Master difficulty is the hardest offered where the player only has one save, there are no mission story guides, there are security cameras and plenty more enemies. Although I refrained from playing  professional or master difficulty, casual was still engaging and, at times, was very difficult. 

Each mission offers unique challenges, like using every disguise or eliminating the target in specific ways, which reward points increasing the player’s overall mission score and assassin ranking. Also, when a mission is completed new starting areas and objectives are unlocked making replaying levels seem new and allows the player several other ways to complete the mission.

Overall, Hitman 3 is an amazing, beautiful and engaging game. This game is geared towards players that like thinking outside the box and get creative to complete the objective. Hitman 3 has its fair share of violence, language and alcohol use, so for parents that are skeptical of allowing their children to play this game, it’s best to decide based on their maturity.

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Jayden Fenske

“Hitman 3” video game review

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