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10 easy tips to help perfect the fine art of the ‘pick up’

Marie Lahar


When trying to hit on people, nerves can ruin everything. Sometimes you forget what to do. Sometimes you don’t know how to approach someone at all.

Here are 10 easy pick up tips:

1. Make an excuse to talk to them. Don’t wait for them to come to you. If you get rejected, that’s okay; it happens to the best of us.

2. Check for a ring before you make a move. And make sure you are looking at the left hand.

3. Pickup lines don’t actually work. Most people don’t find lines such as “Where have you been all my life?” or “Somebody call the police because you stole my heart,” attractive. Don’t try “Hey, I’m a photographer. Want to go in the darkroom to see what develops?” It makes you look too high-strung.

4. Be funny without being corny. Being funny is something very attractive to both genders. People want to laugh, and feel like the conversation is a bit light-hearted. Just watch their body language and facial expressions to make sure they aren’t annoyed with your jokes.

5. Be aware of your environment and the type of person you are looking for. There are several places to go date hunting: bars, parties and study groups. Weddings are even acceptable; just don’t do it during the ceremony. coordinate what clothing you will wear with the event and the type of person you want. If you’re at a bar, maybe you’ll find someone a bit loud or fun-loving, and casual wear is perfect. At a wedding you might find someone reserved, and slacks and a dress shirt is great. At casinos you might find an individual who is outgoing, and maybe even lucky, so try wearing something that is fun and successful-looking. Know your who, where and dress code.

6. Make sure you seem virtuous. Don’t go after every girl or guy you see. Sure the first person you pick to hit on might be flattered, but after the third person, the people you hit on are going to start feeling like a last resort. People pay attention and notice who is trying to pick up every person they see.

7. Make yourself available to be their friend too. Men and women like people who can hang out with them in a fun, friendly way. Just because you are making yourself available to be a friend doesn’t mean they will leave it at that.

8. Learn to have a conversation. Don’t speak about yourself solely. Take turns talking and don’t rant on and on.

9. Learn conversation starters. Some of the easiest starters are finding common interests, talking about a third party and using compliments. When complimenting men, it’s easier to compliment clothing like shirt or shoes. But when complimenting a female, be careful what you compliment. Clothing compliments are usually uncomfortable for females, but hair usually flatters them. The most important part about conversation starter is to make sure you are genuine and sincere. People can tell when you’re not.

10. Last, but not least, is confidence. Be that person who smiles and stands up straight. Hold yourself in a manner that makes you look like you know who you are and what you’re doing. Both men and women want to feel special, and having a confident person hit on them feels special. Make eye contact, smile, stand straight and don’t be afraid to be a bit forward in showing your interest.

These easy tips should help guide you through the process of picking someone up. Feel free to vary some of these tips, but try to see if your prospect is interested before trying.

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