HEC receives new equipment

New equipment comes to the HEC.

Kevin Boatz
New pieces of equipment arrived at the Puyallup Health Education Center. Cardio focused expresso bikes and fitness cycles that have integrated; interactive high definition displays currently are available for use by HEC members. The two Expresso Bikes are located on the second floor of the center and feature steerable handlebars and functioning gearshifts.
The bikes allow users to ride along virtual tracks that range from realistic circuits to a prehistoric jungle. Each bike’s computer program is able to calculate the grade of the trail being ridden and alter the pedal resistance to match that grade. Tracks that contain both level landscapes and steep slopes are available to ride on the Expresso Bikes.
An additional mode called Dragon Fit the player operate a chariot, collect coins and tame dragons to score points. The mode contains three worlds that each have different gameplay objectives. Players start with three maps, one in each world, but can unlock more by scoring points.
“We are all about trying to show people different ways to get active,” HEC Manager Brian Kovacevich said.
Additional features for the Expresso Bikes are planned to go live soon. The user will be able to create a personal account to race against other Expresso Bikes.

High score times for tracks also can be saved and uploaded to an online leaderboard. Dragon Fit also has its own leaderboard for players to compete in.
Kovaceviech gave information about another piece of equipment that should arrive at the center soon, a small rock climbing wall called a Treadwall that will stand vertically and cycle through stones like a treadmill.
The speed and angle of the Treadwall can be altered and options can be set to have the machine pause when the user’s feet are near the bottom of the wall, or cycle continuously. The Treadwall should be arriving at the HEC within the next month.
A HEC membership costs $15 per quarter, for full time students and can be purchased from the cashier’s office. Once purchased, the membership grants access to both the Puyallup and Fort Steilacoom centers.

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HEC receives new equipment

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