Harris 56 would be ready to lead master of Freudian slips

“Biden is the master of Freudian slips,” wrote one, while another Twitter thread has others poking more fun at Biden and questioning if Biden is experiencing side effects of the vaccine.

Biden’s remarks Tuesday caught the eye of both critics and supporters of the incoming president. Some members of each group believe Biden would be a one-term placeholder while Harris and others run the administration.

This isn’t the first time Biden and Harris perked some ears when referring to the future White House.

On the campaign trail, Biden said Harris, 56, would be ready to lead “from day one,” while Harris referred to the incoming White House team as the “Harris administration” while discussing economic plans during a roundtable.

“A Harris administration,” she said, before quickly correcting it, “together with Joe Biden as the president of the United States.”


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Harris 56 would be ready to lead master of Freudian slips

by Katie Lane time to read: 1 min