New hand dryers, hydration stations to be installed this summer

The college’s goal is to eventually eliminate paper towels completely with the hand dryers.

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The student government leaders have decided to install new hand dryers and hydration stations in various buildings on campus this summer.

Student Advocacy Senator Perry Doidge said the old hand dryers will be replaced with new models, as the ones currently installed don’t work properly and aren’t used often as a result. He said students usually use paper towels instead, which has begun to cause problems in the bathrooms.

“If you go in the bathroom on any given day, you’ll usually see the paper towels are either empty or the bathroom’s kind of dirty because people just throw them aside,” Doidge said. “It’s just a way to save paper and make the bathrooms look nicer.”

Replacing the hand dryers with more efficient ones will also help the school save money, as about $8,000 is currently spent on paper towels per year, Doidge said. The goal is to eventually eliminate paper towels completely with the hand dryers.

The hand dryers currently implemented at Pierce are Xlerators, manufactured by Excel Dryer. The company distributes to major business and other facilities around the world, according to the company’s website. Student Government plans on purchasing the same brand for the replacements.

In addition to hand dryers, Student Government is also installing new hydration stations on campus. Pierce had initially placed two hydration stations – one in the College Center and another in the Health Education Center – last year as a trial to determine whether students would use them.

“Last year, we installed two hydration stations on the (Puyallup) campus and at the Fort Steilacoom campus, kind of as a test run to see if they would work well,” Doidge said. “They’ve been proven that they worked extremely well, they get used a lot. So, we’re just adding more around the campus so people don’t have to just come up here to get their water filled up, they can go (to any building) whenever they feel like and fill up their water bottle.”

Many students will most likely recognize the hydration station as the machine beside the water fountain across from the elevator on the CTR’s second floor. Students can place their water bottle under the sensor on the machine, and the machine will detect it and fill the bottle with water. Student Government plans on installing the new machines adjacent to the other water fountains in each building.

The hydration stations will most likely be purchased by ELKAY, the company that the college had previously purchased hydration stations from, Doidge said. He said they hope to buy the models that include a cooling filter, a feature that the current stations lack.

“That’s one of the only complaints we’ve had, is that the water kind of tastes warm,” Doidge said. “Nobody wants to drink warm water.”

Twelve hydration stations will be added to campus, said Doidge, who believes it’ll greatly benefit the college as well as the earth. He said that if students start bringing their own reusable bottles to school instead of buying water bottles from the Bookstore or vending machines, it’ll reduce the amount of plastic bottles thrown away and help improve the environment.

“I just feel like this decision is something that the Student Government has been working on all year and I think it’s going to be a great addition to Pierce College,” Doidge said.

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Suzanne Buchholz

New hand dryers, hydration stations to be installed this summer

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