Halloween Whopper fails to impress

A review of Burger King’s new Halloween Whoppe

Katie Fenton, Online Team Reporter

Looking like it came straight from the depths of hell, Burger King’s new Halloween Whopper has been the center of attention the last few weeks.

The franchise’s poster burger donned a festive look in time for Halloween. While its buns are dyed black, the Whopper tasted like any other fast food burger.

The burger varies only slightly from a traditional Burger King Whopper. The Halloween Whopper features two new ingredients: American cheese and A.1. Thick and Hearty sauce. The sauce was drizzled on the burger’s innards and baked into the buns for its distinctive dark look.

The A.1. sauce gave the burger a sweet, tangy kick that paired well with the onions and mayonnaise. Although it originally sounded disgusting, the flavor combination was surprisingly pleasant.

In terms of fast food quality, the Halloween Whopper tasted like an improved version of the original Whopper.

Burger King’s new Whopper felt structured, but the A.1. sauce was incredibly messy. There wasn’t a single surface the sauce didn’t claim as its own. Used napkins drenched in the dark sauce littered the table.

Similarly, the black buns didn’t serve any purpose besides being a tacky gimmick. Truthfully, it felt strange eating the Halloween Whopper in public. The $4.99 monster burger attracted unwanted stares from all across the restaurant.

The burger is worth 710 calories, 43 grams of fat, 1.5 grams of trans fat and 1530 milligrams of sodium. For perspective, the average adult on a 2,000 calorie diet shouldn’t consume more than 65 grams of fat, according to website health.gov.

While the Halloween Whopper was tasty, its presentation and nutritional value were terrifying.


I give the Halloween Whopper 3/5 stars

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Halloween Whopper fails to impress

by Katie Fenton time to read: 1 min