A student holds a card titled “Smile! God Loves You!” Photo by McKenna Marshall.

Guerilla marketing for God: Cards clutter campus

Alec Jensen


“Call me if you are tired of the way you are living. Which is just in vain, if you are a sinner,” reads the back of a card reading “SMILE!! GOD LOVES YOU!!” in rainbow bubble letters. Accompanying the message of God’s love is a yellow smiley face placed in the middle of a grass field with flying butterflies. Behind the smiling face is a rainbow. The card could appear inviting to some, and macabre to others. When turned over, the card shows a selection of bible verses, all of which share the theme of God saving sinners. These cards, distributed around campus in a vast assortment of places, filled the usual sites of Pierce College with a splash of color.

Ashtrays, newspaper holders, tables, chairs, classrooms, the parking lot, the word of God covered the campus through the cards. This is what David Podyuchenko hoped would happen when he handed a friend a stack of his cards to spread around campus.

“I gave a stack to my friend, so he could pass them out where he is and I pass them out where I am and I tell people about Jesus Christ. I tell people the way of salvation.” Podyuchenko says.

Though Podyuchenko is not a student at Pierce, his goal is to reach sinners and he feels a need to share his message with as many people as he can. According to his cards, a sinner is anyone who is lying, stealing, lusting, getting drunk, fornicating, doing drugs or sinning at all.

Podyuchenko says that God will forgive the sinners but first they must believe in him. Podyuchenko says his message isn’t associated with a church and that he spreads the word of God because he was told to.

“I go to church, but that’s not too important. The most important thing is that I am a bible believing, bible obeying, born again Christian and I want everyone else to be a bible believing, bible obeying, born again Christian,” Podyuchenko says.

Accompanying the bible verses on the back of each of his cards is Podyuchenko’s personal phone number. He says a few callers have found him through the cards and he’s able to share his message. He also says the calls he receives is the fruit from the seeds he’s planted through his friends, and the seeds he believes God’s planted in him.

“(My goal is to) spread the truth to as many people as I can, through as many people as I can so they can reach the lost,” Podyuchenko says.

Whether Podyuchenko’s guerilla marketing of his word of God follows Pierce College’s policy on advertising or not, the cards seem to be having the effect Podyuchenko hoped they would. He’sreaching his audience through his cards and is spreading his message to those he thinks need it the most.

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Alec Jensen

Guerilla marketing for God: Cards clutter campus

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