Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 saves the day once again

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 saves the day once again with even more laughs, action and even a few tear-jerking moments


Suzanne BuchholzSenior Reporter

With more action, more feels and more ‘80s-era tunes, as well as the addition of the adorable Baby Groot, the famous guardians are back to save the galaxy once again in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Some might say that sequels can never measure up to the original film, but that’s not the case here. In fact, this one might surpass the first film in terms of awesomeness (to put it in a way Peter Quill would approve of).

Guardians 2 chronicles the ongoing adventures of the Guardians as they tackle new challenges left and right, led by the charismatic and sometimes overly confident Quill, otherwise known as Star-Lord (played by Chris Pratt). This time around, the gang finds themselves in trouble with the law once again after being hired by the Sovereign race to retrieve some valuable items known as Harbulary batteries and return them. As it turns out, devious raccoon Rocket (voiced by Bradley Cooper) has stolen some of the batteries, prompting the Sovereigns to send out a bounty on the Guardians and causing them to make an immediate crash-landing on a mysterious new planet after their ship gets destroyed.

This isn’t the end of their troubles though. Not long after their emergency landing, an unfamiliar ship lands on the planet as well, and a man emerges from the ship who reveals himself as Quill’s long-lost father, Ego (played by Kurt Russell).

Ego invites Quill, as well as Drax (played by Dave Bautista) and Gamora (played by Zoe Saldana), to the planet he’s created so that he can tell Quill more about his ancestry and begin acting as the father he never got to be when Quill was younger. But Gamora is suspicious that Quill’s father might have some ulterior motives. Events go from bad to worse for the rest of the crew when they’re left behind to repair the ship and hunted by buccaneer Yondu (played by Michael Rooker), then captured by Gamora’s sister Nebula (played by Karen Gillan).

The film delivers all the same action and suspense of the first one, as well as shocking plot twists and emotional moments as Quill comes to terms with meeting his father and remembering his mother. The fight scenes are more intense than ever before, keeping one at the edge of their seat at all times as they watch one perilous moment after another and hope for their favorite characters to survive. Enhancing the fight scenes is an amazing musical score by Tyler Bates, who also composed the score for the original film.

Of course, a Guardians movie wouldn’t be complete without a soundtrack that pays homage to Quill’s love of ‘70s and ‘80s music and mix tapes, and this one delivers in that department. In addition to oldies like The Chain by Fleetwood Mac and Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl) by Looking Glass, a new single exclusive to the film was performed by The Sneepers. The song, called Guardians Inferno, is an incredibly catchy song that describes the Guardians and will play through one’s head long after the final credits roll.

Another well-done aspect of the film was the character and relationship development. While hinted at in the first movie, the relationship between Quill and Gamora is built up a little more here, though slowly and not enough to detract from the main point of the movie.

The dynamic between the rest of the Guardians progresses as well, as the rocky relationship between Quill and Rocket is tested and Baby Groot struggles to become a productive member of the team.

On another note, some might think that Baby Groot was featured too much in the movie, but his presence wasn’t really overused and he was endearing the whole way through.

The film also features those familiar little treats that Marvel fans should be used to at this point. Movie goers should be on the lookout for always-prominent cameo appearance by Marvel superstar Stan Lee, as well as an appearance by David Hasselhoff that should entertain the audience. One should also consider sitting through rather than skipping the credits, as there are some extra funny scenes and big clues toward the next film in the series.

Guardians 2 is a fantastic movie that’ll leave the audience excited for the third movie, which has been confirmed but with no set date yet, as well as their appearance in an Avengers film set for May 2019. Until then, fans can expect to be satisfied with this thrilling installment.   

I give this 5 out of 5 stars      

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Suzanne Buchholz

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 saves the day once again

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