Toasted grasshoppers; a swing and miss at Safeco Field

Jared Leingang, Reporter

With a new season for the Seattle Mariners comes high expectations, new faces and toasted grasshoppers. It goes right along with the team’s “whatever it takes” philosophy. The grasshoppers can be purchased at Safeco Field’s Edgar’s Cantina.

The popular Seattle-based restaurant Poquitos recently took over the menu at Edgar’s Cantina and decided to introduce their popular dish in the ballpark.

According to an article on, during the first three games this season (April 10-12), Mariners Spokesperson Rebecca Hale said the Mariners sold 901 orders. That’s more than Poquitos sold in an entire year at the restaurant, and it was the entire supply they had at Safeco Field those days.

The crunchy critters are available for $4 per 4-ounce container. They’ve become so popular that the team will limit sales to 312 orders per game in accordance to Mariners legend Edgar Martinez’s batting average, which is .312.

Eager buyers can have a dipping sauce to go with the snack as well. The real name for the interesting delicacy are chapulines, a Mexican dish. They’re dusted with Chile-lime salt seasoning and are crispier than most chips. They’re eaten as a snack in Mexico or as an ingredient or side dish for a meal. Although the grasshoppers are popular and a lot of people have hopped aboard the hype train, the treat isn’t the most delicious snack at the ballpark.

If one’s taste buds aren’t fans of spicy foods stay far away from the fried insects.

Even dipped in ranch, the spice can be unforgiving, and drinking water to quench the heat won’t help. In the cup some grasshoppers may be crispy or soft and mushy. The crispier ones taste better than the softer ones.

Compared to other prices at the ballpark the grasshoppers are quite the bargain. Even  bottled water runs about $3, so it’s about the cheapest thing one can purchase at the ballpark. Most of the food can run a high a price and total more than $15 for chicken strips and fries with a drink. The only pro of the insects are the price. They’re one of the best deals at the ballpark. The grasshopper’s run out fairly quick so attendees should get them as soon as possible.

While the jumpy insects are not the best delicacy available for fans, the garlic fries still top that list. If a fan is in need of a quick and cheap snack then the grasshoppers aren’t a bad option. It all depends on one’s personal opinion, but they aren’t a grand-slam like some say, nor are they a fly ball to center field. They’re a hard hit single that has the potential for extra bases.

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Jared Leingang

Toasted grasshoppers; a swing and miss at Safeco Field

by Jared Leingang time to read: 2 min