OSL hires new graphic coordinator

CJ Robinson, Reporter

Kat Schwab, the new graphics coordinator for the Office of Student Life, creates all of the graphics for campus clubs, activities and the event calendar. The position was previously designed for two people, but Schwab found that it wasn’t necessary for two people and that she was able to complete the assignments in an adequate amount of time.

“If you know what you’re doing and you know the software well, it’s not hard,” Schwab said. “Especially when you have a passion for it.”

As for Schwab’s experience in graphic design, she’s a frequent competitor in the Technology Student Association and Future Business Leaders of America, designer of multiple brochures and posters for clubs at her high school and participant in graphic design classes. Schwab feels she’s very prepared for her position within the OSL.

Through these endeavours, she’s met many people who share her passion and was exposed to other student’s work which she can learn from. She found her passion by having to choose between
either a painting class or a graphic design class; she chose the latter. This lead to more interest and participation in classes.

She sees this job as a way to get paid for her passion and also a way to gain more valuable experience.

As far as integrating into the team, Schwab said she started almost immediately by creating the calendar for winter quarter. The final product turned out as she wanted. She also said the Office of Student Life members were helpful along the way.

“She has this slightly quirky personality which fits very well into this office,” Cole Webb, executive director of operations, said. “It’s like we adopted someone into our family, but we know she belongs here.”

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OSL hires new graphic coordinator

by CJ Robinson time to read: 1 min