Puyallup City Council to consider new grant funding

On Oct. 4, the Puyallup City Council held a meeting to discuss community grant funding for the remainder of 2016 and beyond.

Colton Swanson, Online Reporter

On Oct. 4 at Puyallup City Hall, the Puyallup City Council held their first budget workshop meeting. Two more workshops were held on Oct. 18 and 25.

Community grant funding was the topic of conversation at the beginning of the month, when the council was given recommendations on how to allocate funds. As noted in Kevin Yamamoto’s report of the meeting, the funding for these grants has grown from $51,000 in 2011 to $174,000 in 2014.

Every year since then, the annual budget has been sitting at $174,000, and 2017 will see no increases. The council will review applications for some of these grants over the next few weeks before stating where the funds will be allocated in 2017.

The council has the power to choose which organizations will receive funding and which won’t, they have to ensure that if an organization is going to receive funding, it falls under the “necessary support of the poor and infirm” category.

This is in accordance with Article VIII of the Washington State Constitution which states “No county, city, town or other municipal corporation shall hereafter give any money, or property, or loan its money, or credit to or in aid of any individual, association, company or corporation, except for the necessary support of the poor and infirm, or become directly or indirectly the owner of any stock in or bonds of any association, company or corporation.”  This means that the council can’t give a grant to an organization that doesn’t need it, and they can’t use it for anything other than public benefit.

Yamamoto attached a list of recommendations given to the council for consideration which features an outline for funding to organizations such as the YMCA Youth Investment Center, Puyallup Communities in Schools, The Salvation Army and more. The full outline can be found on cityofpuyallup.org/agendacenter accompanied by Yamomato’s full report of the Oct. 4 meeting.

Anyone is allowed to attend city council meetings. These meetings are meant to support the community and their best interests. Additionally, video of all city council meetings along with an event calendar and detailed reports of grant funding from prior years is available on the cityofpuyallup.org website. 

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Colton Swanson

Puyallup City Council to consider new grant funding

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