Getting to the art of the matter

The Seattle Art Museum has a temporary exhibit of a rare collection of art from the Musée National Picasso of Paris.

Marie Lahar


The Seattle Art Museum has a temporary exhibit of a rare collection of art from the Musée National Picasso of Paris.

Pierce College Puyallup students took advantage of this exhibit Nov. 4. Student Programs arranged for about 20 students to experience a chance of a lifetime.

Darlene Reilley was enthusiastic.

“It’s art, and art is fun,” she said.

Fellow students agreed.

“It’s cool to do stuff with your peers. It’s lonely by yourself, and besides, how often do you get to go see Picasso’s artwork,” Sarah Waterman said.

The Picasso’s Picassos exhibition opened on Oct. 8 and will stay until Jan. 17. Seattle Art Museum was lucky enough to get the exhibition because the Musée National Picasso of Paris was under renovation. Museum officials wished to still display Picasso’s work somewhere.

The display was a walkthrough of Picasso’s life. It started with his early life artwork and continued through his stages of life, school, marriage, politics and finished with his late work. It consisted of 12 galleries which held several paintings and a handful of sculptures.

Students were also able to enjoy the permanent collection of artwork. A couple floors are dedicated to different genres of art. Modern, Native American, contemporary and Victorian were only a few. Hundreds of pieces of art were on display.

Several of the students found the experience to be inspiring and were surprised they enjoyed attending an art museum so much.

“This was my first time going to a museum and it was awesome. I would definitely go to a function like this again. I thought it was going to be lame, but it was really cool,” Zachary Jose said.

If any other students or members of the community wish to attend the rare display, tickets are still being sold at the museum.

Picasso’s exhibit is $23 until Jan. 17. It includes the entrance to the museum’s permanent collection of artwork. The museum suggests buying tickets online to reserve a date and time.

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Getting to the art of the matter

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