Getting into the swing of things: Grace Thomas brings swing dance club to Pierce College

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Swing into the new Swing Dance club that was approved on Feb. 5.

Club President Grace Thomas is a trained dancer, as she’s been dancing for about five years and has taken lessons for at least two of those years.

“I’d love to do it for a job but my mom says ‘No,’ so it’s more of a hobby,” Thomas said. “But I’d love to dance competitively.”

Though she tried Waltz and Chacha, she mainly swing dances, which is a fast-paced, high-energy dance from the 1920s.

Thomas began deciding on creating a swing dancing club fall quarter, and this quarter asked for a club form from the Office of Student Life. The club meetings will most likely be Tuesdays, 10 a.m.-noon or 2-4 p.m.

Thomas started by asking random individuals and friends who love swing dancing but don’t get to as often as they’d like, if they thought this club would be a good idea. They begged her to make it a club, Thomas said.

At least 12 students signed up, eight of whom are trained dancers. Thomas believes once it’s known as an official club, more people will join.  

She plans to use a half hour in the beginning of each meeting as an introductory lesson and the rest of the time spent for dancing. That way, the people who already know how can dance while the others learn.

Thomas’ main goal is to teach people what swing dancing is in the hope it’ll increase appreciation. She also wants to give dancers the opportunity to dance more often with more people.

“They’ll start to gain experience and start to be great dancers and that’s one of the greatest things,” Thomas said. “The growth is the best part.”

Anyone can sign up, including professional dancers or students who’ve never danced in their lives. Thomas assures that anyone can learn how to dance, but she said that because males lead in swing dancing, she hopes to have more males sign up.

“With dancing, if a guy can’t follow a beat, that doesn’t typically matter because the girl’s job is to follow whatever beat the guys do,” Thomas said. “If they can dance well or not, that’s a different story, but I believe they can learn how to dance.”

Swing dancing is a partner dance, but students don’t need a partner to join.

“Everyone dances with everyone,” Thomas said. “Don’t think you can’t dance if you don’t have a partner. And if you can’t dance, you can learn.” [/responsivevoice]

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Getting into the swing of things: Grace Thomas brings swing dance club to Pierce College

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