Getting a fresh start with community art

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Whether it’s abstract painting or zendoodling, the Community and Continuing Education program at Pierce College gives students and community members alike the ability to learn a new skill or hobby.

By adding new art classes, including art journaling, print making and getting started with abstract painting in addition to the programs already in place, CCE is expanding its art and creativity division during fall and winter quarters.

“It’s a benefit to the community,” Tracy Clark, program developer for CCE, said. “We like to get (community members) on campus and comfortable, so that it may inspire them to keep learning.”

The program gives members of Puyallup the ability to become comfortable with being on the campus and aids them in pursuing a life-long education. The courses offered aren’t graded and have a variety of sessions throughout the quarter.

Enrollment numbers for these classes can average anywhere from seven to 12 people, depending on the class itself and interest generated.

Students currently enrolled in credit-earning classes at Pierce College can take any of these courses for half of the listed price, ranging anywhere from $29 to $139 depending on in-class time.

“It’s a chance to express your creativity with a group of like-minded people,” Clark said. “There’s no pressure.”

Susan Reed, a first-time CCE student, said she feels encouraged with the help the abstract painting course has given her.

“There’s a hope of being good at something,” Reed said. “I needed a hobby, and everything else I’d done had fell through.”

The course explores how to begin with the process of painting from the imagination or working from an objective standpoint. Many of the art classes offered give an introductory look into the art form, while some build on knowledge already attained through previous courses.

Art classes don’t require any experience, although some background can be helpful.

Acrylic painting runs for five sessions from Nov. 4 to Dec. 9 and abstract painting began Oct. 6 and ended Oct. 20. Creative journaling and zendoodling will be available winter quarter.

Clark said she’s always open to new courses being added, and students interested in subjects not currently offered can contact her at (253)840-8452.

For more information about the program, visit

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Getting a fresh start with community art

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